Online Parent Education Classes
Gila County, Arizona is a court approved parenting class

4 Hour Online Co-Parenting / Divorce Class
(Base Co-Parenting Class)

$49.99 Add

Level 1 foundational co-parenting class focusing on families in transition. Parents learn skills to avoid common mistakes in an effort to work together with their co-parent for the sake of the children.

Target: Divorcing, separating, never married parents or for parents seeking a modification.

12 Hour Online Parenting Without Conflict ®
(High-Conflict Co-Parenting Class)

$139.99 Add

Level 2 skills-based co-parenting class for potentially high-conflict families. These life skills teach parents how to manage emotions in order to protect their children during transition and moving forward.

Target: Divorcing, separating or never married parents in conflict or contested cases.

Online Parenting Skills - Basics Class

12 Hour Ages 0-5

$79.99 Add

12 Hour Ages 5-13

$79.99 Add

12 Hour Ages 13-18

$79.99 Add

Online Parenting Skills - Thrive Class

$79.99 Add

County Status

ACCEPTED is currently an accepted online co-parent/divorce class resource within Gila County. Please check the surrounding Counties, Court Administrator or Judge specific to your Family Law Case to verify court acceptance of online parenting education as an alternative if you have been court ordered to take a parent education class (such as an in-person parenting class) within Gila County, Arizona.

If an attorney or litigant has concerns specific to Gila County and their determination of the need for parenting classes and/or co-parenting/divorce classes (in-person or online), they have an opportunity to bring that concern to their judge, who makes the final determination. Any request to deviate from the Court's order with respect to cases in Family Court Services would need to be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Court Services within Gila County for parenting program approval prior to taking any online parent education class.

Check With The Court

Even though our online co-parent/divorce class is an accepted resource within Gila County, Arizona, it is always best to verify class acceptance with the court or district judge prior to attending any online program, as we are not familiar with the specifics of your case. The status for does not always guarantee approval of our classes and it is always best to check with your assigned judge.

Price Matching offers competitive pricing specific to Gila County. If you find another approved online resource in your area that is less expensive, please let us know and we would be happy to honor that price as well.

Financial Assistance provides discounted programs to qualified parents. Complete our Financial Verification Form and one of our moderators will review your information and provide a response within two business days.